25/12/1915 India and Egypt: a rebellion fails to materialise, Jihadi warriors defeated

The Ottoman Empire is trying to use the power of religion in its war against the Allies. The Turkish Sultan and Caliph has already declared a Jihad against the enemies of the Ottoman Empire, calling on all true Muslims to rise up against Britain, Russia and France. Results have however been disappointing.

Nevertheless, Turkish and German agents continue to try and use Islam as a tool against their enemies. In India agents have been active, trying to stir up disaffection amongst the many Muslims of that key British possession. They had even fixed a date for a Muslim revolt against the British, that date being today. For when would the British be less on their guard than on Christmas Day?

Unfortunately the Muslim Indian revolt is still born. British intelligence operatives are following the plot’s progress and have arrested the leading members of the conspiracy. The rebellion fails to materialise.

Meanwhile in Egypt the Turks are also hoping to use Islam against the British. The Senussi religious brotherhood have crossed from Libya into the western desert and attacked isolated positions. The Turks hoped that this would provoke an uprising by the Muslims of Egypt. However, although some Egyptian army units have proved unreliable, no general revolt has occurred. And now the tide appears to be turning against the Senussi.

Near Marsa Matruh British forces launch a surprise attack on a Senussi position. The Senussi suffer an initial rout but are rallied by Turkish officers. However the might of the British, supported by an offshore warship, is too much for the Senussi. At sunset they flee, leaving behind their dead and wounded and much of their stores.

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