24/12/1915 Mesopotamia: Nurredin attempts to storm Britsh-held Kut

British forces have retreated to Kut-al-Amara after being defeated by the Turks at Ctesiphon. They are now under siege, hoping that relief will arrive before they run out of supplies.

The overall commander of Turkish forces in Mesopotamia is Germany’s General Goltz. Goltz favours starving out the defenders of Kut, conserving Turkish forces to be used against any relief force that tries to come to their rescue. However, Colonel Nurredin, the Turkish commander at Kut, has different ideas. Emboldened by his victory at Ctesiphon he decides to launch a determined assault on Kut to bring the siege to an immediate end.

Nurredin’s artillery blasts the walls of the city and then waves of Turkish infantrymen attack. The fighting is brutal and bloody. Though the Turks press their attacks with great determination, they are unable to break through the British defences. As night falls the defences of Kut remain in Britsh hands. Nurredin’s attempt to storm the town has failed.

Kut (Today in World War I)

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