23/12/1915 Lake Tanganyika: the British prepare a nasty surprise for the Germans

Allied forces have been overrunning Germany’s African colonies. Some resistance continues in Kamerun but the tide there is definitely running against the Germans. In German East Africa however the Germans remain largely undaunted, still very much in control of the vast colony. One factor assisting them is their dominance of Lake Tanganyika, the inland waterway that covers most of the colony’s western border. German gunboats operate here with impunity, disrupting Allied communications and making an invasion from that quarter extremely difficult.

Britain’s rulers hate the idea of any other power challenging their naval dominance. They have resolved to wrest control of Lake Tanganyika from the Germans. Two gunboats, the Mimi and the Toutou, have been sent from Britain to fight the Germans on the Lake. After having been secretly transported overland and along rivers from South Africa to Lake Tanganyika, they have now been launched successfully onto the lake’s waters and are ready to take on the enemy.
image source:

Germany’s African colonies (German History in Documents and Images; map is from c. 1895)

The Mimi and Toutou‘s route to Lake Tanganyika (Wikipedia)

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