15/12/1915 The world watches impotently as Turkey continues to exterminate the Armenians

Turkish authorities are continuing the extermination of the Ottoman Empire’s Armenian population. The Armenians are either being killed immediately or else sent on death marches to inhospitable desert regions where they will die of thirst and starvation. Turkey’s leaders do their best to hide the full horror of their campaign but something on this scale cannot be kept secret. The killings are being extensively reported in the American press. Newspapers in countries fighting against Turkey have also reported on these terrible crimes.

American diplomats have expressed the concerns of the United States regarding the Armenians. An unusual joint declaration by Britain, France and Russia has warned Turkey’s leaders that they will be held personally liable for the outrages against the Armenians. Even Turkey’s German and Austro-Hungarian allies have sought to have the killings halted or reduced in scale. But these efforts are all to no avail. Mehmed Talaat, Turkey’s interior minister, is determined that the extermination must continue. He fobs off any protests by promising to halt the worst mistreatment of the Armenians, but he makes sure that the killings and deportations continue.

image sources:

Soldiers and skulls of victims (Telegraph)

New York Times, 15/12/1915 (Wikipedia)

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