8/12/1915 Kamerun: harsh British measures against natives assisting the Germans

In Kamerun the tide of war has turned against the Germans. British and French forces are advancing on their southern base of Yaounde. In the north of the country, German resistance has been eliminated, save at Mora, where German forces are under siege.

The situation in Mora is now rather desperate. The defenders are short of food and medical supplies. But they are still able to obtain some victuals from native villages near the German positions. Whether the Kamerunians supply the garrison with food out of sympathy for their colonial masters or because of friendly relations with the Africans making up the bulk of the German force (or whether the Mora garrison seizes the food by force) is not recorded. Either way the supplying of food to Mora by the natives infuriates the British and French besiegers. Today the British put the village of Wudume to the torch to punish its inhabitants for assisting the Mora defenders.

image source:

Mora mountain, where the Germans are entrenched (The Great War Blog)

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