8/12/1915 Kosturino: the British face the Bulgarian onslaught

British and French forces landed in Salonika hoping to lead the Greek army to Serbia’s aid. Constantine, the Greek king, is however opposed to entry into the war and his kept his country neutral, though he has not attempted to dislodge the Allies from Salonika. French forces moved into Serbia from Salonika, hoping to secure a line of retreat for the Serbian army into northern Greece. In this they have failed and now the French are in retreat themselves.

Now it is the turn of the British to move into southern Serbia. They are trying to cover the French withdrawal. They have taken over positions near the town of Kosturino and have found themselves themselves under increasing attack by the Bulgarians. Today the Bulgarians launch an all-out attack on the British positions. The British try to hold on but in the face of overwhelming numbers and the determined assaults of the Bulgarians they find themselves with no option but to begin their own retreat back to Salonika.

image source:

Soldiers of Britain’s 10th (Irish) Division at Kosturino (Royal Irish)

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