November 1915

Serbia overrun. More Italian failures on the Isonzo. Britain blocked in Mesopotamia. Hunger stalks Europe. Calling time on Gallipoli.

1/11/1915 War inflames the appetites of Hungary’s Tisza

3/11/1915 Falkenhayn seeks protection for Armenian railway workers

3/11/1915 Serbia on the rack

4/11/1915 Third Isonzo ends in Italian defeat

4/11/1915 Kamerun: Duel in Banjo

5/11/1915 Serbia: the fall of Nis and the opening of the Berlin-Constantinople railroad

6/11/1915 Kamerun: the fall of Banjo

7/11/1915 Crisis in Persia

8/11/1915 Hunger stalks Europe

10/11/1915 4th Isonzo: the Italians attack again

11/11/1915 Germany’s “Mitteleuropa” plan

12/11/1915 Kitchener visits Gallipoli, Churchill resigns from the cabinet

14/11/1915 Mesopotamia: the British close in on Baghdad

15/11/1915 Persia: on the brink of war?

16/11/1915 Snow falls along the Isonzo

16/11/1915 Serbia cut off from Greece

17/11/1915 A hospital ship sunk

18/11/1915 Egypt: menace of the Senussi

18/11/1915 Unable to take Gorizia, the Italians destroy it

22/11/1915 Ctesiphon: Mesopotamian bloodbath

22/11/1915 Egypt invaded

23/11/1915 One last push along the Isonzo

23/11/1915 Krivolak: Bulgarians force a French retreat from Serbia

24/11/1915 Ctesiphon: Turks force a British withdrawal

25/11/1915 The embattled Serbs begin their retreat through Albania

26/11/1915 4th Isonzo: still no Italian breakthrough

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image sources:

Snow covered artillery piece at Gallipoli (Kivell & Butler family)

map (Mental Floss WW1 Centennial)

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