3/12/1915 Another Italian failure: fourth Isonzo battle grinds to a halt

The Italians have been attacking along the Isonzo line, their fourth major attempt to break through the Austro-Hungarian defences. This time the modest target is the border town of Gorizia. But like previous assaults this fourth battle proves a failure. Stalwart defence by the enemy combined with barbed wire, machine guns and artillery, has prevented the Italians from achieving any major gains. Gorizia remains securely in Austro-Hungarian hands; or what’s left of it does, as Italy’s General Cadorna ordered the town subjected to heavy shelling.

The Italians have suffered some 49,000 casualties in this latest battle. The Austro-Hungarians have also taken heavy losses, with their casualties being some 42,000. While lower than Italian losses, this is just one of the fronts in which Austro-Hungarian troops are fighting and dying. Even if the Italians are unable to break through the enemy lines perhaps they can play a part in defeating Austria-Hungary by attrition. If so then the cost in Italian blood will be considerable.

Italian field telephone position (Storia e Memoria di Bologna)

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