18/11/1915 Unable to take Gorizia, the Italians destroy it

The Italians are still attacking along the Isonzo. In this fourth offensive their target is the town of Gorizia, but a resolute Austro-Hungarian defence and the unyielding terrain mean that they are making no progress and suffering heavy casualties.

Gorizia is a town inhabited by Italian speaking people. The war is supposedly being fought to liberate them from Austro-Hungarian bondage and to return them to the fatherland. But now in a fit of pique Cadorna decides that if he can’t have Gorizia then no one can. He orders the town shelled. Italian artillery subjects Gorizia to a three hour bombardment, devastating the town and handing the Austro-Hungarians a propaganda gift.

image source (SZTE Klebelsberg Library)

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