16/11/1915 Serbia cut off from Greece

Serbia is being invaded by German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian armies. Rather than letting their forces be annihilated, the Serbs are conducting a fighting retreat. Unfortunately for them, their country is small and they are running out of space to retreat into. They are now at bay in Kosovo.

It had been hoped that the Serbian army would be able to retreat south to join the British and French force in Salonika. That would mean abandoning their country but they would live to fight for its liberation on another day. But the Bulgarians have already cut the rail link to Salonika. Now further advances by the Bulgarians force the Serbs to abandon Monastir, on the Greek border. Serbia is now completely cut off from the south. The Serbian army finds itself cornered, its back to the Albanian frontier.

The human suffering involved in Serbia’s invasion is immense. Many have fled their homes, fearing the vengeance of their enemies. They are now threatened by hunger. With winter drawing in, cold and the elements are pressing dangers. Serbia also finds itself in the grip of a typhus epidemic, with many being struck down by this terrible disease.

image source:

Retreating Serbian troops (Heroes of Serbia)

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