15/11/1915 Persia: on the brink of war?

Ahmed Shad, Persia’s ruler, has been engaging in intrigues with German agents. They are hoping to lure him into an alliance against Russia and Britain. To the Shah, this is a tempting prospect. Russia occupies the north of his country while British commercial interests enjoy privileged commercial interests in the rest, thanks to one-sided treaties. Ahmed Shah would like to restore his nation’s independence and increase his own power; a German alliance offers the possibility of achieving just that.

The Allies are less than pleased with Ahmed Shah’s intrigues. They have already warned him to expel the German agents. To ram the point home, a Russian column is marching on Teheran from their occupation zone in the north.

Now Ahmed Shah sends his leading officials, together with the German and Austro-Hungarian ambassadors, from Teheran to the holy city of Qom, less accessible to the Russians. Is the young Shah planning to follow them there to declare the beginning of a war of liberation against Russia and Britain?

Ahmed Shah Qajar (Mesa revuelta: el diario de Studiolum)

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