10/11/1915 4th Isonzo: the Italians attack again

The Italians’ third Isonzo offensive ended in failure only a week ago, but now Cadorna is sending his men forward to attack again. The Italians have been reinforced by newly arrived troops. Cadorna is convinced that the last battle brought the Austro-Hungarians to the brink of collapse. The Italian commander reckons that with fresh men to throw at the enemy he will finally be able to smash through their defences and take Gorizia.

But alas, the Austro-Hungarians have other ideas. They hold their positions and rake the attacking Italians with machine gun fire. The Italians are trying to advance uphill and as well as the enemy’s bullets they must also contend with their barbed wire. And now the weather is changing for the worse. Rain falls, reducing the ground to the kind of mud more commonly seen in Flanders. The temperature drops too, adding to the miseries of the soldiers.

Once more success eludes the Italians. There is no breakthrough.

image source:

The Isonzo (Wikipedia)

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