October 1915

Serbia invaded by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. Political turmoil in Greece as Allied force lands in Salonika. Edith Cavell executed. Another Isonzo offensive. New leaders for France and Australia.

2/10/1915 Germany’s Afghan plot

5/10/1915 Political crisis in Greece as Allied troops land in Salonika

6/10/1915 Turkey’s ongoing extermination of the Armenians

7/10/1915 Serbia: the hammer blow falls

9/10/1915 Mackensen takes Belgrade

12/10/1915 Edith Cavell and Philippe Baucq executed

14/10/1915 Bulgaria joins the war against Serbia

15/10/1915 Turkey prepares to fight back in Mesopotamia

17/10/1915 Hamilton recalled from Gallipoli

18/10/1915 Third time lucky for the Italians on the Isonzo?

21/10/1915 Third Isonzo: no breakthrough for Italy

24/10/1915 Sir Henry McMahon makes an offer to Sharif Hussein

25/10/1915 Australia’s youngest soldier dies

26/10/1915 Niedermayer and Hentig finally meet the Afghan king

27/10/1915 Shuffling the political decks in Australia and France

27/10/1915 Third Isonzo: brutal positional war

28/10/1915 OberOst: Germany plans the East’s exploitation

29/10/1915 France has a new government

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image sources:

German troops advancing through Serbia (The History Place)

map (Mental Floss: WWI Centennial)

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