6/11/1915 Kamerun: the fall of Banjo

In Kamerun a British force is attacking a German fort on Banjo Mountain. The first assault failed to dislodge the Germans, but General Cunliffe, the British commander is not giving up. After blasting the Germans with artillery fire he sends his men to attack again. In the middle of a thunderstorm Nigerian troops make it to the mountaintop and engage the enemy in bitter hand to hand fighting.

The struggle goes on through the night, but by the morning the British are victorious. The German commander, Captain Adolf Schipper, is dead, as are many of his men. Many of the others (locally recruited Askaris) have deserted. The survivors surrender.

The victory is a great success for the British. Not merely have they eliminated a key German base, they have also captured a considerable stock of food and other supplies. Now Cunliffe is well-placed to lead his men against Yaounde, the main centre of German resistance in Kamerun. When that falls, the entire colony will be in Allied hands, apart from besieged Mora in the north.

map (Wikipedia) (the map shows Banjo as Banyo and Yaounde as Yaunde)

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