4/11/1915 Kamerun: Duel in Banjo

In Kamerun, British and French forces are gradually eliminating German resistance. In the north of the West African colony, the Germans are bottled up in the fortress of Mora, besieged by the Allies. To the south, the Germans are still able to operate freely from their base at Yaounde, but their time is running out. The end of the rainy season has made it easier for British and French columns to move through the country and now they are beginning to make their way towards what is now the capital of German Kamerun.

But the British want to eliminate German bases close to the border of Nigeria first. One of these is a fortified hilltop position near the town of Banjo. A British force under General Frederick Cunliffe marches here from the siege lines around Mora. After occupying the town, Cunliffe sends his men to attack the fort. Marching uphill through fog they are able to surprise the defenders. The British also have the advantage of artillery support. However the Germans (a small number of Europeans with a larger number of Askaris) are able to repel the initial assault. Cunliffe is nevertheless determined to renew the attacks in the morning. He does not want Banjo Mountain to become another protracted siege like Mora to the north; the German fort must be taken by storm.

British artillery firing at an entirely different German fort

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