29/10/1915 France has a new government

René Viviani resigned as France’s premier after the Champagne offensive’s failure and Bulgaria’s invasion of Serbia shook confidence in his government. Now the veteran socialist Aristide Briand succeeds him as prime minister, with Briand also taking on the role of foreign minister. Viviani remains in the cabinet as Minister for Justice but the most striking appointment is the new Minister for War, General Joseph Gallieni.

Gallieni was military governor of Paris during the Battle of the Marne. His decision to send the Paris garrison to the front ensured French victory in that vital battle… or so he insists to anyone who will listen. Gallieni’s relations with Joffre, France’s Western Front commander, have previously been difficult so there may be trouble ahead between France’s political and military leaders.

image sources:

Aristide Briand (Wikipedia)

Joseph Gallieni (Vergue (a fascinating vintage photography website))

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