27/10/1915 Third Isonzo: brutal positional war

Italian forces are attacking along the Isonzo line. In this Third Battle of the Isonzo Cadorna is hoping that his men will break through and capture the town of Gorizia, temptingly close to the front line.

Success eludes the Italians. There is no breakthrough and the battle becomes a series of brutal engagements over bitterly contested positions. Italian gains are hard-won and frequently lost to determined counter-attacks by the Austro-Hungarians. Even where the Italians manage to hold onto captured positions they typically have only gained the forward trenches of the enemy, with the Austro-Hungarians continuing to hold the stronger reserve trench lines. Cadorna’s dreams of a war of manoeuvre are turning into a brutal war of attrition.

image source (ibiblio: A Short History of the Great War, by Albert Frederick Pollard)

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