27/10/1915 Shuffling the political decks in Australia and France

Australia has been led by the Labor Party’s Andrew Fisher since elections last year. Fisher has committed Australia to assisting Britain’s war effort “to the last man and the last shilling”, but he has found the strain of wartime leadership a bit too much to bear. Today he resigns as both prime minister and member of parliament. His party colleague Billy Hughes takes over as Australia’s prime minister. He is equally determined to pursue the war to victory, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile in France the government is also facing rumblings of discontent. Failure in the autumn offensives has led to discontent with the government of René Viviani. He attempts to reconstitute his cabinet but key figures will not serve under him. Admitting defeat, Viviani tenders his resignation to President Poincaré. Now France will have to find a new prime minister.

image sources:

Andrew Fisher, Billy Hughes & Liberal Party leader Joseph Cook in 1914 (Sydney Morning Herald)

René Viviani (Wikipedia)

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