26/10/1915 Niedermayer and Hentig finally meet the Afghan king

Germany has sent an expedition on a difficult journey through Persia to Afghanistan. The hope is that the Afghans can be persuaded to ally with Germany and launch an invasion of British India. But although the mission was received cordially in Kabul earlier this month, the Afghan king has shown no great eagerness to meet the Germans or the Turkish and Indian members of their expedition.

Today King Habibullah Khan finally meets with the Germans Hentig and Niedermayer, and with other members of their mission. But although he is polite, Habibullah Khan shows no great interest in launching an immediate invasion of India. He is interested in hearing what the Germans have to offer but he doubts their ability to deliver on their promises. For now he is making no commitments.

image source:

Habibullah Khan (Wikipedia)

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