September 1915

After many German victories the Eastern Front stabilises. Political crisis in Russia. Turkey’s extermination of the Armenians starts to be counter-productive but continues anyway. Failed Allied Western Front offensives. The “tank” is tested.

1/9/1915 Turkey’s Armenian deportations create railway construction problems

2/9/1915 Chivalry in the air: a student honours the teacher he has slain

2/9/1915 Kamerun: another failed attack on the Germans near Mora

4/9/1915 Berlin unveils Iron Hindenburg

5/9/1915 Tsar Nicholas takes command

6/9/1915 Bulgaria agrees to join Germany and Austria in an invasion of Serbia

7/9/1915 Kamerun: Britain tries to storm Mora

8/9/1915 The Zimmerwald conference: socialists meet to oppose the war

8/9/1915 London’s most devastating Zeppelin attack yet

9/9/1915 The British Landships Committee tests out “Little Willie”

13/9/1915 Turkey passes law to confiscate property of deported Armenians

16/9/1915 Tsar Nicholas dissolves the troublesome Duma

18/9/1915 Germany takes Vilna, but its run of victories against Russia is drawing to a close

21/9/1915 Rovno: the Russians strike back

25/9/1915 Champagne and Loos: the Allies’ autumn offensive on the Western Front

26/9/1915 Champagne and Loos: Allied attacks falter, British generals fall out

28/9/1915 Mesopotamia: British forces clear the way to Kut-al-Amara

28/9/1915 Rovno: Russia’s counter-attack hits Austria hard

29/9/1915 Champagne: Germans counterattack, French hopes fade

30/9/1915 The Eastern Front stabilises

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image source:

British troops advancing through a gas cloud at Loos (Wikipedia)

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