12/10/1915 Edith Cavell and Philippe Baucq executed

Edith Cavell is a British nurse who was working in Belgium when that country was invaded by Germany. She remained in the country and treated all wounded soldiers who came her way, regardless of the side they were fighting on. But the German occupation authorities began to suspect that she was also assisting Allied soldiers to escape from Belgium to the still neutral Netherlands. When an informer confirmed their suspicions, the Germans swooped, arresting Cavell and other members of her circle.

Cavell admits to the Germans that she had been assisting the escape of Allied soldiers. The occupation authorities put her on trial by court-martial. She is convicted of treason under German military law. The court sentences her to death.

Diplomats from the United States appeal to the Germans for leniency, but their requests fall on deaf ears. Today Cavell is executed by firing squad, together with her Belgian associate Philippe Baucq. Cavell’s execution shocks opinion in Britain and elsewhere.

image sources:

Edith Cavell and her dogs (Wikipedia)

Philippe Baucx

Post Card (Picture Postcards from the Great War 1914-1918)

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