9/10/1915 Belgrade falls to Mackensen

German and Austro-Hungarian forces have crossed the border into Serbia. Resistance is dogged but the strength of the attackers is overwhelming. The Serbs are thrown back and the invaders assault Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. Belgrade is inconveniently located right on the border with Austria-Hungary, making it an easy target. The Serbs put up a stout defence but they are unable to stop the onslaught. Belgrade falls to the juggernaut.

This is not the first time that Belgrade has fallen to an invasion force. The Austro-Hungarians occupied the city briefly during the last invasion of the country in December. This time however the capital’s occupation looks like it will be more permanent. The Serbs are no longer facing just the Austro-Hungarians; the enemy’s numbers have been strengthened by battle-hardened German troops and the invasion is under the command of Germany’s Field Marshal Mackensen. This time there will be no mistakes.

Still, the Serbs are not giving up. They make preparations to withdraw to the interior of their country but in the meantime they harry the occupiers of Belgrade with counter-attacks.

image sources:

Barrikadenkampf in Belgrad am 9. Oktober 1915(Street fighting in Belgrade on October 7th 1915), by Oskar Laske (Le Mémorial de Caen)

August von Mackensen (Serbia.com)

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