26/9/1915 Champagne and Loos: Allied attacks falter, British generals fall out

The Allies continue their Western Front offensives. In Champagne, the French try to capitalise on their costly successes yesterday, but they are unable to break through the German reserve lines. The French begin to realise that the Germans had previously decided to make their stand here and now the French suffer heavy casualties as they face the concentrated machine guns and field artillery of the enemy.

In Artois the British try to continue the advance from Loos, which they captured yesterday. The British reserves have finally arrived and Haig sends them forward against the enemy. Unfortunately German reinforcements have also arrived and the British also endure great losses and are unable to make any further headway.

Haig blames French, the overall British commander on the Western Front, for the failure to exploit yesterday’s success. French had positioned the reserves so far to the rear and then released them so late that they did not arrive in time to attack yesterday. Haig is well connected politically. He now begins to insinuate that French is not up to the job of commanding the British Expeditionary Force and that it is time he was replaced… perhaps by a resourceful frontline commander like Haig himself.

image sources:

Sir John French (Wikipedia)

Douglas Haig (Wikipedia)

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