21 September 1915 – ”Remittance Man”

21/9/1915 The last flight of Stanley Caws.


Lieutenant Stanley Winther Caws and his observer Lieutenant William Hodgson Sugden-Wilson of 10 Squadron were shot down whilst on a long distance strategic reconnaissance for the forthcoming offensive, in their BE2c (2004). They had attracted the attention of a succession of enemy planes and fought two of them off before running out of ammunition. Lieutenant Caws was killed. Lieutenant Sugden-Wilson was badly injured and taken prisoner.

Stanley Caws Stanley Caws

This is the third victory for rising star Max Immelmann. He writes of the encounter:

“Aiming carefully, I give him about another 200 rounds from close quarters, and then my gun is silent again. One glance shows me I have no more ammunition left. I turn away in annoyance, for now I am defenceless. At last I discover the enemy. He is about 1,000 metres below me. He is falling earthward like a dead leaf. He gives the impression of a crow…

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