21/9/1915 Rovno: the Russians strike back

The Germans and Austro-Hungarians have enjoyed many successes since the launch of the Gorlice-Tarnów offensive in May. The initial victories may have largely been the result of German efforts, but the Austro-Hungarians have also been able to reap some benefits. The Russians have largely been driven out of the Galician territories they have taken form the Habsburgs and now the Austro-Hungarians are taking the fight into the enemy’s own lands.

Further to the north the Germans have found that Russian resistance is stiffening. The weather is breaking now, making offensive operations more difficult and the advancing forces are facing supply problems. The Austro-Hungarians are also finding the going more difficult. They had been hoping to capture the Ukrainian city of Rovno but Russian resistance is proving too much for them. Worse, the Russians have counter-attacked. Under the command of General Brusilov they give the Austro-Hungarians a bloody nose and recapture the town of Lutsk (shown on the map as Luck).

image source (A Short History of the Great War)

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