13/9/1915 Turkey passes law to confiscate property of deported Armenians

The Turkish authorities are deporting Armenians from their homes across the empire, sending them off on marches to their death. This is causing some disquiet on the part of Turkey’s German and Austro-Hungarian allies. German diplomats have pleaded with the Turkish government to at least spare those Armenians who have converted to Protestant Christianity. In Constantinople, Mehmed Talaat, the interior minister, listens intently to these appeals and makes a great show of sending orders to the provinces directing that Protestant Armenians be left alone. But from Adana the German consul reports home that Talaat’s orders are a sham. Talaat has sent a messenger to tell the local governor to proceed with the deportations without regard to faith or any written orders telling him to stop.

With all these Armenians being deported from their homes a lot of property is being left abandoned. Today the Turkish parliament passes a law authorising the government to confiscate all abandoned Armenian property. The law is not unopposed, with at least one deputy (Ahmed Riza) denouncing the confiscations as an outrage. But opposition is in vain and parliament votes to confiscate the land, livestock, homes and other property of the Armenians.

image source:

Mehmed Talaat (Wikipedia)

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