7/9/1915 Kamerun: Britain tries to storm Mora

In northern Kamerun French and British forces are besieging the German base of Mora. French troops have skirmished unsuccessfully with the Germans in the outlying village of Kilwe. Now the British decide to have a crack at Mora itself. After an overnight bombardment they launch an assault on Mora’s northern defences. The attack fails, with the British suffering some 16 men killed (one officer from Britain itself and 15 African troops). By the standards of the war in Africa to date, these are heavy casualties. For their part, the Germans suffer five men wounded.

The British are not for giving up. They launch some more attacks once night falls, but in the darkness the assault troops get lost and are unable to find their way to the enemy lines. That at least is what they tell their commanders.

General Frederick Cunliffe commands the Allies at Mora. After the failure of the British attempt to storm the town, he decides to tighten the siege around it and batter the enemy with ever increasing artillery bombardments.

image source:

British artillery, elsewhere in Kamerun (Wikipedia)

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