2/9/1915 Kamerun: another failed attack on the Germans near Mora

In West Africa, the Allies have still not been able to eliminate German resistance in Kamerun. In the north of the country, German forces are under siege in the town of Mora. The Germans are short of food but are able to feed themselves by raiding Allied positions. Some of the African people in the vicinity of Mora are also supplying the Germans with food, perhaps because the rank and file of the German force is made up of locally recruited men.

French troops besieging Mora have already made an ineffectual attempt to take the village of Kilwe, whose inhabitants are sympathetic to the Germans. Now they have another go. After first bombarding the enemy with light artillery pieces the French infantry attack. But the German defenders of the village are too much for them. The French are driven back, suffering the loss of seven men dead (a sixth of the attacking force).

In the south of the vast colony the Germans have another force based in Yaounde (also known as Jaunde and Yaunde). The Germans here are not under siege, protected from the attention of the Allies by the space separating them from enemy units and the country’s difficult terrain. But now with the end of the rainy season movement through Kamerun is easier. The Allies make preparations to send columns to capture Yaounde and eliminate the Germans’ southern column.

image sources:

German colonial troops in a village, before the war (Goethe Institut)

Kamerun map

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