29/8/1915 No breakthrough for Italy along the Upper Isonzo

Since the end of the Second Battle of the Isonzo, the Italians have contented themselves with local assaults along the upper reaches of the Isonzo line. The approaches to Mount Mrzli are a particular focus of Italian efforts, as they hope that if the peak falls they will be able to press on to the town of Tolmino.

Towards the summit of Mount Mrzli the Austro-Hungarians hold a position known as the Big Trench, or Trincerone, on account of its particularly well-made construction. At great cost yesterday the Italians managed to seize this position, but as with previous assaults they are unable to hold it. Austro-Hungarian troops from Bosnia today mount a determined counter-attack and throw back the Italians. Mount Mrzli and Tolmino do not look like they will be falling to the Italians in the immediate future.

image source:

A trench, not necessarily the big one (Italian website on life of D.G. Storace)

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