24/8/1915 Turkey’s continuing extermination of the Armenians

Turkey continues its genocidal campaign against its Armenian population. The primary method of disposal is to deport them to inhospitable desert regions. As the Armenians are force-marched across mountains and deserts many of them are succumbing to thirst and hunger. Those that survive the death marches will struggle to find any sustenance in the arid desert locations they are being sent to.

The Turks are not above use of more direct methods to eliminate the Armenians. The ancient town of Urfa is a way station on the deportation routes. Many Armenians have arrived here, often after surviving massacres elsewhere, but now the Turkish authorities here have been carrying out massacres of their own.

These terrible events have attracted considerable attention in the United States of America, thanks to despatches by American diplomats and journalists’ reports. These in turn have led to protests to the Turkish authorities in Constantinople. To allay American concerns, Mehmed Talaat, minister of the interior, issues orders for the deportations to be halted. He shows these orders to American diplomats and also to the German and Austro-Hungarian ambassadors, who are uneasy at the excesses of their ally. But these orders are a sham. After sending them, Talaat then sends a second set of secret orders directing that the deportations continue. The regional authorities learn that they are to disregard anything ordering leniency towards the Armenians and continue with their depredations.

Image sources:

Henry Morgenthau’s telegram (Wikipedia)

New York Times reports (The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute)

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