20/8/1915 Another defeat for Russia as the Germans take Novogeorgievsk

Russian forces in Poland are being hammered by the Germans and their Austro-Hungarian allies. The Russians have abandoned Warsaw and are mostly retreating eastwards, but some garrisons have been left behind to tie up German forces. Unfortunately these are rapidly falling to the all-conquering Teutons. Today besieged Novogeorgievsk, to the northwest of Warsaw, surrenders after a ten-day long siege. The Germans capture some 90,000 troops with the town, together with vast numbers of artillery pieces.

The Germans press on, hoping to capture Vilna and Brest-Litovsk. Further to the south, the Austro-Hungarian push eastwards, liberating territory in Galicia and setting their sights on the Russian town of Rovno.

image sources:

Captured guns (Wikipedia)

The Russian front (A Short History of the Great War)

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