10/8/1915 Poland: the German juggernaut rolls on

Warsaw has fallen to the Germans, but they are not resting on their laurels. They continue to push the eastwards, capturing many soldiers and whatever materiel that the Russians have not rushed eastwards quickly enough. The Russians have also left isolated garrisons in a number of fortresses, but these are not proving much of a problem for the Germans to reduce. Ivangorod fell on the 8th and now the Germans lay siege to Novogeorgievsk, a fortress to the northwest of Warsaw. Although German forces are moving rapidly to the east, the Russian high command somehow think that Novogeorgievsk can be held. They leave 90,000 men behind to defend it, who are all now cut off from the rest of the Russian army.

The Russians are laying waste the countryside as they retreat, in the hope of denying supplies to the Germans. Unfortunately this scorched earth tactic seems more to increasing the misery of the civilian population the Russian army is abandoning.

image source (Wikipedia)

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