6/8/1915 Kamerun: an ineffectual attempt to tighten the noose on Mora

The Allies are beginning to get the upper hand of the Germans in the West African colony of Kamerun, but the Germans and their African servants are not giving up yet. In the north of the colony, the Germans are bottled up in fortified positions at Mora. The Allies have been unable to take Mora by storm and are trying to starve out the Germans. However. the Germans are somehow able to survive on very short rations. They supplement their own food stocks by raiding the Allied lines and stealing theirs.

The Germans in Mora are also able to obtain some supplies from African civilians in the surrounding area. The Kamerun natives’ support for the Germans in Mora angers the Allies. In an attempt to put a stop to this kind of nonsense, a French force attacks the village of Kilwe, where the locals have been assisting the Mora garrison. Unfortunately for the French, a German detachment from Mora counter-attacks, successfully chasing them away from the village.

In this terrible defeat the French suffer the loss of one soldier.

German Kamerunian troops training before the war (The Great War Blog)

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