3/8/1915 Edith Cavell arrested

Edith Cavell is a British nurse living in Belgium. Before the war she had been active in advancing the professionalism of nursing. She was working as a training nurse in Belgium and had also founded the journal L’infirmière there.

Cavell was in Britain when the war started but she returned to Belgium just as it was being invaded by the Germans. Her Brussels clinic was taken over by the Red Cross. When the city was occupied she was not interned but left free to continue her work.

But Cavell does not escape the attention of the occupation authorities. They increasingly suspect that she is part of a network transporting Allied soldiers and Belgian men of military age over the frontier to the Netherlands. Under Germany’s military law this kind of action is not just illegal, it is a capital crime.

Cavell and her Belgian associates are betrayed by an informer. Today the German authorities swoop, arresting her and any of the others they can lay hands on.

Edith Cavell before the war (Wikipedia)

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