20/7/1915 France attacks in the Vosges

Fighting continues on the Western Front. The British are currently taking a bit of a breather, in preparation for another offensive in the Autumn. Not so the French. Today they attack German positions in the Vosges Mountains of Alsace. Efforts are concentrated on capturing positions around the peak of Le Linge.

The Germans have relatively few troops in this sector. However, their positions are heavily fortified. As well as the natural advantages of the terrain, they have constructed bunkers and tunnels as well as the trenches more commonly seen on the Western Front.

The French make little or no progress. As the Italians are discovering along the Isonzo, breaking through fortified positions in mountainous terrain is next to impossible. Nevertheless, they press on with their assaults in the hope that eventually the Germans will break.

image source (Au coeur de l’Alsace)

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