23/6/1915 Italy attacks along the Isonzo

Since Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary, Italian soldiers have carried out a number of local offensives against the enemy, with varying results. But now General Cadorna, the Italian chief of staff, is ready to launch his great offensive against the enemy. The site of the assault is the Isonzo valley.

Cadorna’s goals are ambitious. His men are to attack on a broad front, seizing Gorizia and then moving on to capture Trieste before advancing on Laibach and into the Austrian heartland. Cadorna has also ordered ancillary thrusts into the Dolomite mountains. Cadorna hopes that his onslaught will knock Austria-Hungary out of the war, providing Italy with a glorious victory and allowing the seizure of territory long coveted by Italian nationalists.

Unfortunately Cadorna has not reckoned for the steadfast defence of the Austro-Hungarians and the extent to which the terrain favours the defenders. The Italians attempt to advance up the sides of mountains against the enemy, but they are caught in barbed wire and butchered by the enemy’s machine guns and field artillery. Little or no real progress is made.

Luigi Cadorna (Wikipedia)

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