23/6/1915 East Africa: British forces take and then sack Bukoba

In German East Africa, British troops continue to advance on the outpost of Bukoba. The Germans and their Askari troops resist manfully but the British have the numbers and better field artillery. When the Germans are pushed back to Bukoba itself their commander decides to order a retreat, lest his force be completely annihilated. They slip away and the British enter the town.

The Germans leave in such haste that their flag is still flying over the town hall. With great glee the British take it down. They also dismantle the town’s radio mast.

And then some of the British troops start to loot the town. The Frontiersmen seem to be the worst culprits. These are an odd band of ideological imperialists formed before the war and now formally absorbed into the British army. Their love of imperial adventure does not seem to prevent them from helping themselves to other people’s property. They rampage through the settlement taking anything they want and smashing up the rest. They are joined in this endeavour by some of the local African population, but the main impetus for the sack of Bukoba comes from the British.
After having their fun the British withdraw; the attack on Bukoba was just a raid. The Germans return to their shattered settlement. Unable to exact their vengeance on the British, the Germans dispense summary justice to any Africans believed to have taken part in the town’s looting.

images source (The Old and the Bold)

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