18/6/1915 France calls a halt to the Artois Offensive

French troops have been attacking in the Artois sector since mid May, supported by British attacks near Neuve Chapelle. The French had been hoping to take advantage of Germany’s commitment of its reserves to the Gorlice-Tarnów offensive against Russia. Results however have been disappointing. No major breakthrough has been achieved and much of the local gains have been only temporary thanks to vigorous German counter-attacks. Accepting that no decisive result will be achieved the french call a halt to the offensive. They have suffered some 100,000 casualties in the fighting to the Germans’ 60,000.

The Allies draw some conclusions from the fighting. Future offensives will require more men and will have to be made on a wider front, to prevent the enemy plugging any gaps that are opened up. And offensives will have to be preceded by a heavy artillery bombardment, to destroy German defensive positions. In effect this means that future offensives will be much bigger affairs.

image source (Wikipedia)

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