16/6/1915 The Italians stage more attacks along the Isonzo

The Italians are continuing their local offensives along the Isonzo front. The Alpini, elite mountain troops, launch a daring attack on Mount Krn, near Caporetto (a town also known as Karfeit and Kobarid; many places in this area have Italian, German and Slavic names). The Alpini attack before dawn, sneaking silently up on the Austro-Hungarians and taking the position by surprise. The Italians suffer just three casualties in the attack, which is justly celebrated as a great coup.

Elsewhere the Italians attack with less aplomb. They precede assaults with artillery bombardments that alert the enemy that an attack is imminent; then they stage massed frontal charges that present Austro-Hungarian gunners with easy targets. Still, they achieve some successes. Near Gorizia they manage to cross the Isonzo river and capture a hill-top on the way to the summit of Mount Kuk. But the cost is ruinous: the Italians lose 500 dead in capturing the hill, as well as nearly a thousand wounded.

image source (La Stampa)

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