11/6/1915 Kamerun: Germany’s garrison at Garua surrenders

In Kamerun the siege of Garua comes to an end. British and French forces had been besieging the German outpost. The French have brought heavy artillery with them and have been battering the German positions. Many of the defenders have been killed while others (particularly the locally recruited colonial troops) have deserted or are refusing to man the defences. Accepting the inevitable, Captain Kurt von Crailsheim surrenders Garua to the Allies. A couple of hundred troops are taken into captivity, mostly colonials but also a few dozen from Germany itself.

The fall of Garua is quite a coup. Not merely have the Allies taken the position and eliminated a German mobile force, they have also captured all the ammunition and supplies the Germans had stockpiled in the town. They are now in a good position to further advance the conquest of Kamerun.

image sources (The Illustrated First World War, from the archives of The Illustrated London News)

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