9/6/1915 Kamerun: French guns batter the Germans at Garua

British and French forces are attacking the German base of Garua in the West African colony of Kamerun. The Germans are prepared for a long siege, having stockpiled food and ammunition. What they are less prepared for are the naval guns the French have transported overland to Garua. The guns are battering the town’s defences, which were not built to withstand shelling by this kind of heavy artillery.

Morale plummets among the defenders. Many of the German troops are locally recruited African troops. Demoralisation is particularly intense among the colonial troops, who begin to wonder why they should be blasted by artillery for the sake of their European masters. Some of the colonials desert, attempting to run away from Garua. Others refuse to man Garua’s defences.

Kurt von Crailsheim commands the German defenders of Garua. He realises that the end cannot be far off.

German colonial soldiers from Kamerun (German Colonial Uniforms)

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