6/6/1915 Hull: the Zeppelins’ most destructive attack yet

Germany’s Zeppelins continue to terrorise Britain. After bombing London last week, today they turn their attention to Hull. The L9 airship flies over the city at night, dropping bombs in an attempt to damage the city’s docks. The Zeppelin has more luck with civilian targets, its bombs destroying buildings and starting a series of fires. This is the most destructive airship attack on Britain yet, with some 26 people killed and 40 injured. Damage to property is valued at around £100,000.

The Zeppelin raids are pin-prick attacks, having no real effect on Britain’s industrial output and material ability to fight the war. Yet the effect on British morale is considerable. Germany has not lost a single one of its Zeppelins yet over Britain. The ability of these terrifying aerial monsters to operate at will over Britain causes consternation: no one can sleep safely in their bed as the Zeppelins appear able to strike anywhere at will. The Zeppelin raids also lead to an escalation in anti-German sentiment. In the aftermath of the bombing, there are riots in Hull in which business premises with German sounding names are attacked.

Bomb damage in Hull (Zeppelins and the First Blitz)

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