5/6/1915 After terrorising the Turks, the E11 submarine retreats from Constantinople

Britain’s E11 submarine has been patrolling in the Sea of Marmara and in the very harbour of Constantinople itself. Now the submarine is running low on fuel and supplies and suffering from mechanical problems. Martin Nasmith, its commander, orders the E11 to head back to base.

Although the E11 has sunk many Turkish vessels, it has not managed to bag the German battlecruiser the Goeben. It was not in port when the E11 reached Constantinople and since then it has been kept in safer waters. Not sinking the Goeben is a disappointment, as its loss would change the naval balance in the Black Sea. Still, the E11’s patrol has terrorised the Turks, who can no longer feel safe at sea even in the waters of their own capital.

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