3/6/1915 Mesopotamia: Britain takes Amara

After the Battle of Shaiba, the British decided that their outpost in Basra would only be safe if the Turks were pushed further up the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. General Charles Townshend was placed in command of a force of troops (mostly from Indian) who have advanced on foot and by boat up to Qurna, where two rivers join. Townshend continues to advance up the Tigris, making good progress. The Turks retreat away from them and the Arab locals appear to be friendly.

The Turks have a substantial garrison in place at the town of Amara but they are in no mood to make a stand. When Townshend’s heavily outnumbered advance party of only a few hundred men reaches Amara, many of the Turks surrender while the rest flee without firing a shot.

Turkish morale appears to be collapsing. The British think of what further advances they can make.

image source (Lightbobs (a website for the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry))

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