2/6/1915 Italy’s uphill struggle against the Austro-Hungarians

Along the Isonzo river Italian forces are mostly sitting tight, waiting for General Cadorna’s great offensive, not expected to begin until later in the month. But in one area the Italians are having a crack at the Austro-Hungarians. Italian troops are trying to take Mount Mrzli, whose peak dominates the surrounding territory and the town of Tolmino. In a dawn attack they take a forward trench line. Attempts to move further up the mountain are a costly failure. Barbed wire is impassable and the enemy’s machine guns decimate Italian ranks.
The Austro-Hungarians do not just use guns on the attackers. They have also prepared piles of boulders, which they roll down at the Italians, cutting great holes in their lines and making further advances impossible.

Austro-Hungarian commemorative plaque (A Nagy Háború: írásban és képben (the Great War: writing and pictures))

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