31/5/1915 Zeppelin raid on London

Germany’s Zeppelin bombing raids on Britain have not exactly brought the island nation to its knees. Now the Germans escalate the campaign, with a Zeppelin bombing raid on London itself. The Kaiser had been opposed to attacks on the British capital, for fear of killing his relatives in the British royal family. The Kaiser has however agreed to attacks on London’s docks, which has been interpreted liberally as meaning that anywhere to the east of Charing Cross may be bombed freely.

Under cover of darkness, the LZ-38 Zeppelin flies over London. It drops a number of bombs on Stoke Newington and Hackney, killing some seven people, including three year old Elsie Leggatt.

This is the first attack on London in hundreds of years.

image source (History Extra)

Zeppelin bombings of London mapped

3 thoughts on “31/5/1915 Zeppelin raid on London

    • I was surprised you didn’t.

      The Kaiser seemed overly concerned with his relatives. The German High Command did not seem to share his squeamishness


      • In the run up to the war the Kaiser does seem to have the idea that maybe he can just sort it all out with his cousins. Even though that did not work he might still have had a family attachment to the other royals.


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