30/5/1915 Austria-Hungary returns to Przemysl

The Galician fortified town of Przemysl fell to the Russians after a long siege back in March. The Russians have not had long to celebrate their triumph. With the Gorlice-Tarnów offensive seeing the Russians pushed back everywhere, the Austro-Hungarians are now back in the vicinity of Przemysl, advancing from the south-west. And this time they have brought their German friends with them.

An attack to take the town’s outlying fortresses by sudden assault failed. Since then the Austro-Hungarians have battered the defenders with their heavy 420mm siege guns. Now the infantry assault begins again, with the Austro-Hungarians and Germans methodically advancing to capture the enemy’s positions one by one. Przemysl will not fall overnight, but its capture looks increasingly inevitable.

image source (Visit Przemysl, with pictures of the fortifications today)

2 thoughts on “30/5/1915 Austria-Hungary returns to Przemysl

  1. Dr. Kurt von Schuschnigg, former Chancellor of Austria in the 30s and professor of history at St Louis University in the 60s pronounced the word “Przemysl” as “(P)Shemm-zll” with the “P” being basically silent; you just start the word with a non-plosive “P.” Am I remembering correctly ?


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