27/5/1915 Gallipoli: another British battleship sunk

On land the fighting at Gallipoli has stalemated, with the Allies unable to break out of their enclaves and the Turks unable to drive them into the sea. The British have been using the heavy guns of their navy’s battleships to bombard Turkish positions, hoping that eventually they will be able to wear them away. Germany, Turkey’s ally, has responded by sending U-boats to attack the British fleet at Gallipoli. After sinking the Triumph on the 25th, today the U-21 strikes again, torpedoing another battleship, the Majestic. The Majestic sinks quickly, with the loss of 49 sailors. Among survivors are two dogs.
The British fear losing more of their valuable battleships at Gallipoli. After the sinking of the Majestic they order their other capital ships to retire to safe ports. The bombardment of Gallipoli will continue, but with less valuable ships bearing less destructive guns.

image sources:

The Majestic sinks (Wikipedia)

rescued dogs (RTE)

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