25/5/1915 The Second Battle of Ypres splutters to a halt

Fighting is continuing at Ypres. The Germans have had to divert forces south to face the ongoing French offensive in Artois but that does not stop them making one last push for the Belgian town. The Germans use gas again but their gains are modest, merely minor adjustments of the line in their favour. And with that the Second Battle of Ypres grinds to a halt. The Germans have failed to take Ypres, but they have greatly reduced the Allied salient and are now almost on top of the town. Ypres itself has been reduced to rubble by German artillery fire.
The Germans have suffered some 35,000 casualties since the battle started in April. British, French and Canadian forces have suffered twice as many, but despite gas attacks and massed enemy assaults they have succeeded in keeping the ruins of Ypres out of German hands.

image source ((Webmatters: First World War, Carte de Route)

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