24/5/1915 The Allies warn Turkey over massacres of Armenians

Disturbing reports have emerged from the Ottoman Empire of massacres of Armenians being perpetrated in various localities by Kurds and Turks, apparently with the support of local officials. News of the siege of Van (though not yet its relief) and the killings of Armenians in the town’s vicinity has also made it to the outside world, as have accounts of the mass round-up of Armenian notables in Constantinople.

These reported massacres are shocking opinion in Allied capitals. On the face of it, there is nothing that can be down about them. Turkey is an enemy nation with whom Britain, France and Russia no longer have diplomatic relations. But today the Allies take an unusual step. Through the United States ambassador in Constantinople, the governments of France, Britain and Russia send a message to the Turkish government. The Allies warn Turkey they are aware of the abuses being inflicted on the Armenian population. Furthermore, members of the Turkish government are informed that they will be held personally responsible for these terrible crimes.

image source (Guardian)

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